2012.10.15 Captain’s Log — Just wandered into a cloud, several of them

Web Clouds — Am moving many of my websites completely to the cloud … which is scary for me because I’m an Adobe Coldfusion/Microsoft guru and I’m migrating to PHP/Apache.

Rackspace.com was recommended to me as being incredibly cloud-smart and ‘fanatical’ about customer service.

The Rackspace.com website has more info that I was able to understand … and I admit to not fully grasping the ‘order this if you want this’ information provided … not even after reading and reading and reading … so I contacted customer service online at 7pm hoping to get a call back tomorrow.

OMG! They are fanatics and real people are involved too. I immediately got a call from one of the friendliest customer service ‘advisors’ ever … and I’ve been in technology a loooooooooooong time now. She couldn’t quite answer all of my questions so she connected with someone else … the second service representative spent almost 30 minutes with me and sent several emails explaining their suggestions.

I’m still not sure what all I agreed to but I grabbed my American Debt Express card and now I’m the proud owner of two cloud servers with a thingamajiggy to manage load balancing. (Will be trading in two Cold Fusion servers — am a balanced budget kind of guy).

Rackspace.com — you may not quite understand what you bought but you’ll feel confident that someone else does.


By the way, if you need Cold Fusion servers I recommend Enterhost.com — I have four dedicated servers with them. They may not be fanatical but they are efficient, good value and always there 24/7 if you need them. Have been a customer since January 4th, 2006. These folks will work with you and I have always felt confident that they are doing right by me.

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    1. You know … don’t you feel blogged on high humidity days? And doesn’t high humidity lead to clouds. Blogs in a cloud.

      Simple deduction, my good Watson.

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