Memorial Day 2012, back when …

I am myself a veteran, having joined the Army while still in high school back in 1974 and then retiring back in 1996. The Army took me around the world and across the USA.

My initial service was within the Signal Corps, but through a fluke of conversation I found myself joining military intelligence in 1975 as a member of the Army Security Agency (ASA). Through the years, military service took me from the nitty-gritty of being a 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment soldier to working at the national level.

It is something that I would do all over again. The Army and military service made me a better person. I learned to overcome. I learned that bad can happen but our mission is to get beyond that. Focus. Set an objective. Move forward.

Best regards,
Bill Golden

Military Veterans

Top 45 Oxymorons

Top 45 Oxymorons:

45. Act naturally
44. Found missing
43. Resident alien
42. Advanced BASIC
41. Genuine imitation
40. Airline Food
39. Good grief
38. Same difference
37. Almost exactly
36. Government organization
35. Sanitary landfill
34. Alone together
33. Legally drunk
32. Silent scream
31. Living dead
30. Small crowd
29. Business ethics
28. Soft rock
27. Butt Head
26. Military Intelligence
25. Software documentation
24. New classic
23. Sweet sorrow
22. Childproof
21. “Now, then …”
20. Synthetic natural gas
19. Passive aggression
18. Taped live
17. Clearly misunderstood
16. Peace force
15. Extinct Life
14. Temporary tax increase
13. Computer jock
12. Plastic glasses
11. Terribly pleased
10. Computer security
9. Political science
8. Tight slacks
7. Definite maybe
6. Pretty ugly
5. Twelve-ounce pound cake
4. Diet ice cream
3. Working vacation
2. Exact estimate
1. Microsoft Works

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Mothers Day 2012 … About Old Milwaukee Beer

Best wishes to moms everywhere.

My mom was always my hero. She put family before all else. She often went without to make sure that we had whatever we needed. … She taught me how to shoot, to drive a car and that Old Milwaukee beer is not as bad as its cheap price. She taught me that people that live on the other side of the tracks could be me one day, and that different people are just people … just like me … only different.

Missing my mom since April 12th, 1997.

My Second First Birthday – May 4, 2012

Life is good. Life is very good.

One year ago today, just after 7AM, I went into surgery at Walter Reed to remove cancer.

One year later I am back out on the fields coaching soccer, running a business, and spending time with family and friends.

Along the way I’ve met just one other survivor with this kind of cancer, and I’ve said goodbye to two.

Chances are very high that at some time within the next few years I will be revisited by ungood. Maybe. Maybe not. At the time of my diagnosis I asked God for just two more years — to clear things up with family and business. One year is now gone.

Life is good. Life is very good.

Today is my second first birthday. You learn to appreciate life more when you realize that, while your warranty has expired, you have also gotten a second chance.

All prayers end up in the same Inbox.
How they get there is not the miracle.
How they get answered is.