When I pray …

I pray daily, sometimes numerous times per day.

Dear To Whom It May Concern (Yes, yes I do!),

I’m not sure that you exist, but no reason you shouldn’t. No reason I should either.

Got a moment? Would like just a minute of your time. Could I ask …

Thanks and I believe in you. Although I do have some issues with other people that also believe in you.


Reading can be a pain in the neck. Literally.

I love to read. Everything. Even some instruction manuals can be mesmerizing … but not often.

My first wife always complained that I read anything that I came across. The last I saw her I was reading a bulletin board in Munich, Germany …while waiting to meet with the divorce lawyer … 1983.

Onward … one of my favorite places to read is in bed. I even have a small pillow that cradles books so the pages angle up and making reading easier.

Recently I went to the doctor to complain about extreme stiffness on the left side of my neck and head. I really can’t recall when the last time I experienced such pain.

The doctor could find no problem. We then talked about things that I am doing in life that might cause the problem.

Told him that I had started reading ‘the Game of Thrones’ series and often read while propping my head up with my left arm — for hours upon end … the series has well over 3000 pages.

He suggested that within a few days of finishing the series that the pain should go away. I finished the series and the pain went away on schedule.

Will have to stick to single books or shorter series. Seems that my neck is only good for about 1,800 pages.