How many Voyages does it take before your Voyage Voyage is complete?

Am a polyglot. If that sounds bad then I apologize in advance. As a skillset it is one of my few.

My weaknesses are legion. I can’t count. Advanced math is advanced torture for me. I’m also awful at physical coordination — I’ve broken my shoulder while ice skating, my left leg was broken playing soccer, my right knee was messed up jumping off a pier, my left little pinky got broke during baseball, my right wrist and right mid arm were screwed up while rollerskating (my father came to pick me up at the rink and I asked for just 5 more minutes — bad move), AND I rebroke my wrist and several knuckles getting into a fight with my best friend. However, I can mumble quite well in five languages and have some lesser ability in several more. Am a devout polyglot.

One of my ways to pass time is to listen to music. Words and music are logic. They are math for the mind in a conceptual form where proofs and algorithms are less important than just the simple act of getting an idea across.

A favorite French singer is Desireless. One of her biggest hits, among many, was ‘Voyage, Voyage’.

The song remains popular around the world, in a multitude of languages and arrangements.

Below is Desireless’ original version and some of the various knockoffs — none as good as the original.

Desireless – Voyage Voyage (Dance Mix)

Bananarama – Voyage Voyage

Kate Ryan – Voyage Voyage (extended mix) Best Remix with great beaches !

Maximus – Voyage Voyage / Russian Version

Sarah Brightman & Gregorian – Voyage Voyage (HD)

Desireless Voyage Voyage,Trance Mix Dj Alfa Boy 2010