Zen – Life is a Game.

In all things I feel blessed. Have come to appreciate that any bad seems to usually work out in some way that is for my good.

A good attitude can work miracles. Stay curious. Challenge authority. The biggest loser is someone that doesn’t try to play the game.

Life is a game. You may not like politics or whatever, but not liking something will not keep it from coming to you. Life happens. Play it well.

Jobs / Future / Connected Workforce – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of VW in North America, has now joined the rarefied ranks of ‘intelligent cities’ — Chattanooga is the only U.S. city with a population of over 100,000 that has achieved this designation.

An intelligent city is one where the intersection of information technology and urban design are planned together with intent to unite information availability and information flow with business, homes and the workforce.

Despite Chattanooga’s access to broadband speeds of 50 Mbps connections (average connectivity speed in the U.S. is 6.7 mps), the telecom giants and lobbyists are busy at work convincing states to block power grid broadband delivery from happening. Nineteen states have passed laws that block local governments from setting up publicly-owned broadband services — which has proven to be the most common method of building such networks.

We should look to private industry to efficiently deliver solutions and capabilities that meet public needs. Certainly high speed internet that can be delivered anywhere over a power grid would be such a service, especially lightning fast broadband that puts most broadband to shame. Unfortunately this technology is being hindered and heldback because much of the private sector has not yet figured out how to create a delivery grid that can compete with the power grid which already exists in our homes and businesses.

From Governing.com

Chattanooga, Tennessee (pop 167,000), has leapt to the forefront of American cities with ultra high-speed broadband service and has accomplished the feat in a surprisingly old-fashioned way: the city’s municipally-owned electric utility provides the service. Tennessee’s fourth-largest city is now a member of a small, but elite group of world-class cities that can offer residents and businesses Internet service of up to one gigabit per second, 200 times faster than the average broadband speed in America, according to The New York Times.

Harnessing Intellectual Capital

From Ross Honeywill, Australian futurist and business consultant: “The urban fabric of the world is changing as key cities turn their backs on the traditional economy and move towards an intelligent future. An Intelligent City is characterized by its place in the new- or neo-economy with a commitment to cultural capital, innovative environments, diversity, high social intelligence and digital leadership.

It typically has diversity in social relationships, a high capacity for imagination and innovation central to the creativity of its population and its institutions of knowledge creation; and a rapidly evolving digital infrastructure for communication and knowledge management.

Telework – ‘The future of Business’ – a presentation by Bill Golden at January 24th Innovations 2013: Science & Technology Expo

Prince William, Virginia – Bill Golden to be a guest speaker at the Prince William Chamber of Commerce Innovations 2013: Science & Technology Expo on January 24th. The event is being held in Manassas, Virginia.

Bill’s presentation will be on ‘Telework – The future of Business‘ … and of course Bill will add in a very healthy dose of thought about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS as telework provides dramatic change, opportunity and unique experiences for both employers and employees.

Continental Event Center
9705 Liberia Avenue
Manassas VA 20110

Learn more about this event via the Prince William Chamber of Commerce online calendar of events.

The Innovations 2013: Science & Technology Expo event features something for everyone in business, whether you are searching for the next big thing to gain a competitive edge, or simply striving to keep up with the fast-paced world of regulatory changes and business technologies.

About Bill Golden

Bill is the 2013 Chairman of the Northern Virginia Telework Council, and is CEO of IntelligenceCareers.com aka USADefenseIndustryJobs.com and USAJobZoo.com. You can follow news, technology and information about telework online at USATeleworkJobs.com. Bill is also a founding member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

About Prince William Chamber of Commerce

With nearly 2,100 member businesses representing more than 66,000 employees, the Prince William Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber in Northern Virginia.

The Fiscal Cliff Aversion, Avoidance and New Arrears Act of 2013

Late at night on New Year Day of 2013, the House voted after much last minute handwringing to accept the Senate compromise bill to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.

Reality is that the cliff has not been averted, just the rough edges of it.

Along the way many bargaining chips were wasted to get very little.

On December 31st the national credit card hit its limit. Treasury Secretary Geithner says that he can move some things around to pay the bills through sometime in February. Our new Fiscal Cliff Avoidance Bill of January 1st 2013 now adds almost $400 billion per year in new national debt per the CBO’s analysis.


The Republicans now own Obama in the next round of negotiations over increasing the debt limit. That crisis hits within six weeks. As the Washington Post put it: “The bill avoids austerity but doesn’t tame dangers of national default, high unemployment or swelling debt.”

There is little to rejoice about in the Senate bill, now approved by the House, because it is fiscally irresponsible. It will cause much of the good that it has supposedly created to collapse in upon itself … not within years but within months.

The GOP itself has major issues and #1 among them is that its has allowed itself to be held hostage by the Tea Party mentality of talk a tough game without having any specifics. It has also allowed ideologues like Grover Norquist and the disciples of Arthur Laffer to warp the ability of the GOP to think in terms negotiating for the greater good of the country rather than the GOP just following unproven maxims that always seem to increase the debt rather than resolve it.

Back in the good ol’days of RINOs ruling the GOP, our national debt was relatively low and social policy moved forward in some sense of balance because people went to the negotiating table with the intent of getting a balanced deal of trading off benefits and finding bill payers, and cutting debt where possible — and we often did cut a lot of debt.

Back during the good ol’days of the 1950s/60s/70s/80s Dems and Reps were able to work together on many things that kept debt low or paid down the debt while accommodating social concerns.

However, what the GOP has going for it now is that it owns the House vote at the precise moment that President Obama will need agreement on a host of issues for which he does not have many bargaining chips to put on the table.

We will see the stock market’s view of this deal play out over the next week. Whether you love or hate Wall Street, the stock market is considered a fairly reliable indicator of which way the economy is going.

$400 billion of new debt per year has just got to scare investors worried that the nation’s #1 purchaser of services, goods and materials may not be able to pay its bills either on time or in some cases be able to pay them at all — forcing renegotiation.

We also have the FY2013 federal budget to complete. Our new federal year started in October and we still have no approved federal budgets. Those too must now be negotiated with many in the new Congress of a mind to to pare back spending to offset this Fiscal Cliff deal.

In our aversion to negotiating in good faith (both parties) we have avoided the Fiscal Cliff from arriving on January 1st, 2013. But in doing so we have merely bought breathing space of just 1-3 months before we must return to the negotiating table for what are perhaps even larger stakes.