Life’s Challenges … met with a song

Dear Friday,

Am thankful for all the things that I’ve been challenged with. Have seen several 3, 5 and 7 day challenges going round. Thank you for including me. Am not good at schedules (best intent!) so let me combine all the challenges together: I am thankful for just about everything in my life. Things happen. I survive and thrive. Bad leads to good … somehow. It is what you make it. When in doubt: grab a clipboard, put on a smile, act like you own the world and you will … at least where you are standing. Life happens. I love a challenge. Bring it on.

Many thanks to Connie Moser for sharing the video above with me. Connie is my ‘Lil Sis’ … some family you are born with and some you get to choose!

CANCER / Eat your broccoli! … and what I told the Angel

CANCER / Eat your broccoli!

One year ago this week I returned home from Walter Reed after having part of my lung removed for cancer. Three more operations for more cancer elsewhere would follow through the end of September.

Have completed my one year checkup. No bad in sight. The Robin Williams suicide has made me reflect. In the middle of my chemo and radiation treatments I remember thinking that if an Angel appeared and said I could let go if I wish and move on: I would have. Cheerfully.
If the Angel were to visit me today: Kiss my ass. I ain’t going anywhere. Life is good. … but darkness can visit us all.

Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said … Some Policy OPTIONS

Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said: If you break it you own it.


++ Put it out with the other broken stuff. Let someone else haul it away. Don’t look at the stuff until it is gone. It will just break your heart.

++ Try to superglue it back together. It will be uglier than ugly … but … nah, not a good idea.Everything for 800 miles in any direction is a bad neighborhood. Always has been. Always will be.

++ Play Olympian Gods: Hit the mortals with lightning bolts. If they assume that Mount Olympus is really angry then the mortals may play nice. Must be prepared to play God indefinitely. (It’s not like the place has been rebuilt since the last time we played God.) Must assume that mortals that believe that they will become martyrs will need convincing with LOTS of lightning bolts for several decades.

++ Create a ‘No Shit Zone’. This is also playing God. Develop a short list of 10 or less ‘Thou shall/shall not’ for the locals; promise a jobs creation plan for Americans at home (after getting them to work for less) for the endless production of lightning bolts. Besides, Israel has already shown that if you play really rough you can expend all of your lightning rods pretty damn quickly … this could create lots of jobs … although the result will be that we will increase by a factor of 300% the number of young kids that swear that once they grow up then they’ll be back to avenge their family.

No shit: Playing God ain’t what it used to be since the locals got the same weapons that we have. Just wait until China sells them a tactical Iron Dome. Jar Jar Binks … we need you buddy!

God War Asteroids Defense
You can find God at this link.

Dairy Queen — she was my babe

I worked at a Dairy Queen before I went into the Army. It was actually a very good job for learning. My boss was a coach at a local high school (but not my HS). He said that he opened the Dairy Queen in the mid-60s so young people would have a place to go.

Each year he would invite all the workers to his home at the beach, throw a lavish party and give everyone presents. That was pretty nice since he had about 40 people working for him, and most of us made minimum wage plus maybe 30-40 cents extra per hour if we had been there a year or so. Minimum wage in 1973 was $1.60/hour.

He got and deserved loyalty. That may seem silly when talking about a place that serves burgers and ice cream … but … it is what it is.

Dairy Queen and Bill Golden
Bill Golden standing in front of the Dairy Queen where he worked 1972-74, University Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida … 40 years later in 2014.

Kevin and Kelsey … k-i-s-s-i-n-g in front of a tree

OK, yes I know: it is supposed to be k-i-s-s-i-n-g behind a tree. Instead they were on a small islet  … a very small islet … in San Antonio’s River Walk when Kevin proposed to Kelsey. The obligatory tree was behind them.

They have been dating for some years now (3-4, probably not 5).

All the parents are happy. And from the looks of things so are Kevin Golden and Kelsey Highlands.

BTW – Kevin is my favorite youngest son.

Kevin Golden and Kelsey Highlands