About my Toshiba Thrive Droid Tablet

The Toshiba Thrive is an incredible tablet, and a great deal for the $$$ … costing only $$ instead of $$$$.

The Thrive offers a full-size HDMI connector allowing you to connect to large screen TVs and other devices, a full-size USB connector which lets you connect to almost anything, a mini-USB connector and a full-size SDcard slot … the Thrive gives you ‘full-size’ everything as standard … most tablets give you NADA or just the mini-size.

Thrive’s screen is just crystal clear and Toshiba built some really useful tools into the Thrive such as a file manager that immediately senses and reads any data cards that you may plug in.

>>> Get the 16GB Thrive for $399 (but available often for $369). You don’t need the largest memory onboard like an iPad or most other Droids because the Thrive can live off of cheap SD memory cards.

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