About Veggie Dogs: Why?

My heating furnace went on the fritz so I decided to fix it myself. Somewhere in the process I ended up with two extra screws, but neither fit the one remaining screw hole that held my furnace ignitor switch in place. So off to Lowes I trundled.

Got my screws! … and I have a few extra left over if you need a size 8 1/2 or 10 1/2 metal screw … or two.

Anyway, on my way out the door I saw a beautifully bright red hot dog stand. The beauty was more in the offering of hot dogs than the color … although it was indeed a nice red.

Hot Dogs

I am trying to eat more healthy these days so the ‘Veggie Dogs’ sign caught my attention. Dearly do I love hot dogs … as life … which is why I need to eat more healthy these days. Theoretically a Veggie Dog offered health and a hot dog all in one package.

Veggie Veggy Hot Dog

Verdict of a hot dog connoisseur: the bread was soft and perfect for a hot dog whilst the cole slaw was equally wonderful. Words escape me as how best to describe the hot dog. Ack!! Blech!! OMFG!! It reminded me a bit of ground cauliflower mixed with tofu and dyed reddish.

Final verdict: done that. There is no reason for me to follow that path of curiousity again.

And no, I  do not feel healthier for it. To top things off my son monitors my Facebook page and lectured me on the virtues of eating white bread, thus negating any potential health benefit from whatever else that I ate.

Yes, Father, I have sinned and there is no joy in it to be found.

One thought on “About Veggie Dogs: Why?”

  1. That was a good laugh! Great you were able to fix your furnace, too!

    I think there is no healthy bread because wheat isn’t even wheat any more!



    I grew up eating game…rabbit, squirrel, deer and fish from the river. Would I eat wild food, now? No…give me some of that good, hormone fed, antibiotic riddled, gene-mutated grocery food!

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