Bad Weather Outlook – Dashboard Jesus is on sale at!

Hello March 4th, 2015!

Since the BAD WEATHER has decided to double down then perhaps you need to make sure that Jesus travels with you whereever you go. And he is on sale for $3 off — your own Dashboard Jesus … Amazon Prime members can get him for free shipping.

A dashboard Buddha is also available … but I’m thinking that Buddha isn’t so helpful in car accidents … not unless you want to come back as a newer, nicer car in your next life.

Get your Dashboard Jesus as 

Dashboard Jesus

One thought on “Bad Weather Outlook – Dashboard Jesus is on sale at!”

  1. My father traveled around the backroads of Iowa for a living. He always had a plastic Jesus on the Dashboard of his car. When he passed away, I got it. Used to keep it on the dashboard of my truck, but always got dinged at auto inspection time. Now, I jet Jesus nap in my glove box.

    I wake him up now and then for company on the road, or when we need to chat about something. Wouldn’t leave home without him.

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