Bill Golden’s 10 Rules about Success and Competitors

Bill Golden’s 10 Rules about Success and Competitors

1 – There are plenty of smart people in the world. Always try harder.

2 – Life is not fair. Feel free to make up some of your own rules.

3 – Make good friends. Look beyond the smile and into the heart. Acts, not words, matter more. The heart acts. The mind justifies. Make good friends that can balance the two.

4 – Do not drink your own koolaid. Seek out source data and check your facts.

5 – Always be able to argue multiple sides of an argument. Use argument only enough to identify the decisionmakers. Do not delude yourself into believing that anyone is actually listening.

6 – Logic does not win arguments. Neither do facts. Identify group leaders. Either win them over, make them your partner or take them out. Do not ignore them.

7 – Always look both left and right when crossing streets. Twice is good. Thrice is better. It does not bother most of your competitors to hit the gas and to run you over.

8 – Never bad mouth or trash talk your opponent or competition. It reflects badly on your confidence and competence to do something, and not just talk.

9 – Always have a plan. Having two is better. If you actually have a plan feel free to ignore it. A plan just means that you have done your homework and identified key points of action, inaction and targets of opportunity. Be proactive. A plan is also acknowledgement of how badly you might be screwed if your only strategy is to play defense.

10 – Most people are good at heart, of sound mind and just want the best outcome. If you want to know the truth ask the ones keeping their heads down and just trying to make their way honestly in life. If it matters to them then it should matter to me.

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