Book Review: Legon Awakening … Elves, Dragons and an epileptic Sister

Good Book / Free Book / I want to see this as a movie.

Whining: this ‘first in the series’ about a human/elfen named Legon would appear to be a self-published book. There are a few obvious errors that would drive an editor nuts … BUT this is a very good book all the same, and the prose plus character development flows very nicely.

Legon Awakening

FREE Book!! Just download and read. Basic storyline: Set in a time when people ride horses, and have no electricity or indoor plumbing, there are people, elven (tall, slender elves … unrelated to Keebler elves), and iumenta (evil, grumpy elves that serve an evil queen) that inhabit the lands. Other than ‘the queen is a bitch’ there is not much character development for her character. There is plenty of character development for the townfolks of Salmont. The book really shines in describing the inhabitants of this small town … in a land with really high taxes. Meanwhile the bitchy queen is busy bothering everyone as she races against time to find a messiah-like person that supposedly is an elf that will rally the humans.

The book revolves around the lives of four young people about to turn 18 years of age … and they have a very rough year of it. No spoilers! Read the book.

By the book’s end there are battles using magic, dragons … to include a pink dragon and a blue dragon … some of the humans appear to be interbred with the elves and some humans are capable of becoming elves … plus, some humans have magical powers (Muggles with magic!). It also appears that some dragons can transform into gorgeous babes that are imminently kissable … although they still have dragon breath.

400+ pages of a book that is worth reading despite a few things need editing … but only a few.

Someone out there please make this a movie. It would be a hit! The core theme is both very familiar and yet different enough that it could even become a classic.

GET THE BOOK — Free on Google Books … or free on

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