Has Ferguson brought back the 1960s … or the anger thereof?

About Ferguson: The decision of the grand jury has come in and now we are on to the next phase. The next phase seems to be persistent discontent with what is seen as a government that at times is not reluctant to use force. I am not judging the merit of what happened in Ferguson, or in the many other alledged but well documented cases of abuse of police deadly force or abuse of powers engagements, but something has changed .. . something completely unrelated in essence as related to the death of Michael Brown.

Since 2009 we have had one tea party after another that has preached the gospel that government is overstepping boundaries in our lives and that government is inherently evil. Perhaps the chants worked. One popular announced GOP candidate for 2016 has compared the American government to Nazi Germany. As for those chants, the chants now have been taken up by many who have a long history of experience with institutional violence and bias.

For the last five years we have seen the anger of the comfortable white middle class froth about how government cannot be trusted. Facts often did not matter then, and now in the Age of Ferguson they may still not matter for some years to come. People are mad … and when people are mad they really don’t care what the facts are.

We may now be on the verge of a real party.

Roar like you mean it. Roar back. Roar always.

Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

Katy has a lot to roar about, and I just love this song. This was my ‘fight back’ song during cancer treatment. Early in her singing career Katy was interesting but her voice was weak. She pushed the limits of her ability. It is obvious (to me at least) that she has great control of her voice now and can indeed roar.

A Great Big World – You get what you go for

My batteries went to fully charged the first time I saw this video. So I keep playing it!

Am not so sure that I am ready to take on any new big challenges or issues in the world yet … but am thinking about it. Until then when just keep playing this video and look for some more like it.

The band is A Great Big World and the song is This Is the New Year.