About my Toshiba Thrive Droid Tablet

The Toshiba Thrive is an incredible tablet, and a great deal for the $$$ … costing only $$ instead of $$$$.

The Thrive offers a full-size HDMI connector allowing you to connect to large screen TVs and other devices, a full-size USB connector which lets you connect to almost anything, a mini-USB connector and a full-size SDcard slot … the Thrive gives you ‘full-size’ everything as standard … most tablets give you NADA or just the mini-size.

Thrive’s screen is just crystal clear and Toshiba built some really useful tools into the Thrive such as a file manager that immediately senses and reads any data cards that you may plug in.

>>> Get the 16GB Thrive for $399 (but available often for $369). You don’t need the largest memory onboard like an iPad or most other Droids because the Thrive can live off of cheap SD memory cards.

Thoughts on using a tablet instead of a laptop.

Thoughts on using a tablet instead of a laptop.

I love my tablets. Tons of useful stuff to do with them. However … they can’t replace a laptop.

My tablets: iPad 1 & 2, Toshiba Thrive, Motorola Xoom, and HTC Sensational — some months back we starting redesigning all of our many blogs and websites, and wanted to make sure that they worked across devices.

>>>>> Our tracking software shows that about 5% of our current customer base uses tablets to access our website; gross visitor rate per day varies between 2,500-9,000 users.

For my tablets I use a wireless keyboard as well .. AND a mouse (although mice work with Droids but not iPads). A mouse can make some work much faster and lets you use the tablet at higher resolution — which doesn’t coexist well with FAT fingers.

>>>>> Recommended keyboard for either iPad or Droids: http://tinyurl.com/8a3udcw

For many business functions neither the iPad nor the Droids can handle data intensive functions.

Example: I use ConstantContact to write my newsletters to my almost 74,000 subscribers … but cannot get the cut-and-paste function to work correctly on either device. Cut-and-paste works for small snippets but … ConstantContact also usually crashes within a minute of trying to edit a newsletter.

>>>>>  No ConstantContact app yet exists except for viewing stats, so have been using the regular website interface.

Example: Both the iPad/Droids go to sleep when running remoted database programs that take more than 30-45 seconds to complete … 2-5 minutes being normal to make a successful data pull. On iPad, once you switch a web window the process stops. On most Droids the process continues but if the particular window is not open it will eventually stop. Hamburger/cheeseburger … not much difference.

Example: I have not found tablet wordprocessing and graphics software that are up to the task of editing my book-sized Career Guide online. Current tools are rudimentary and slow, slow where they exist and many do not yet exist.

Example: An option for full use of regular PC/Mac tools is to use GoToMyPC and to work on your regular laptop. Great idea — have used it for years. But is buggy on both iPad/Droid and my edit sessions often disappear in mid-sentence … kinda like my wife’s attention span when I get on a diatribe.

Example: Basic audio and video editing remains very basic (almost unusable) on tablets.

… Anyway, just thought to update you on my several months of attempted use of tablets and their ability to replace a laptop. Verdict: laptops are safe for 2012.