Collard Greens and Chocolate

Collard Greens and Chocolate Chips — actually go well together.

Had a bowl of collards so that I could claim to be eating healthy. Then I saw that my son had left some dark chocolate chips (the healthy kind!) on the counter.

We all need dessert. Scooped up some chips … and gotta admit that the flavor mix was not an instant hit. Set the chocolate chips down and went back to doing something else. Then somehow the flavors mixed … or maybe I just like chocolate … anyway, finished off the chips. I do feel guilty … happily guilty, but guilty.

2 thoughts on “Collard Greens and Chocolate”

  1. While I cannot find the citation at the moment, I believe there is a little known law that forbids feeling guilty about eating chocolate with anything. I believe the law came about after heavy lobbying by various manufacturers of chocolate. In particular one Domingo Ghirardelli who immigrated from Italy during the California gold rush in 1849 to sell supplies to miners. However, after a fire put him out of business, he opened a confectionary in 1852 selling chocolate. Milton Hershey is a Johnny-Come-Lately, not getting into the chocolate business until 1894.

    As to eating chocolate with collard greens–well, “To each his own”, the old lady said as she kissed her cow.

    1. Yes, you are very much correct. It is impossible to feel too guilty about chocolate — the happy food.

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