Dairy Queen — she was my babe

I worked at a Dairy Queen before I went into the Army. It was actually a very good job for learning. My boss was a coach at a local high school (but not my HS). He said that he opened the Dairy Queen in the mid-60s so young people would have a place to go.

Each year he would invite all the workers to his home at the beach, throw a lavish party and give everyone presents. That was pretty nice since he had about 40 people working for him, and most of us made minimum wage plus maybe 30-40 cents extra per hour if we had been there a year or so. Minimum wage in 1973 was $1.60/hour.

He got and deserved loyalty. That may seem silly when talking about a place that serves burgers and ice cream … but … it is what it is.

Dairy Queen and Bill Golden
Bill Golden standing in front of the Dairy Queen where he worked 1972-74, University Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida … 40 years later in 2014.

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