Forgiving … Making Peace … Moving on …

Mike and the Mechanics – The Living Years ( HQ sound – with Lyrics)

The end of this song has special meaning for me when Mike sings that he wasn’t there the day his father died, and he wished that he told him …

I had disowned my father in the mid-1980s. Things thawed a bit in the late 1990s but not by much.

The week before he died I got the call that his time was short. We went to visit for the week. We talked. The past no longer mattered … forgiven if not forgotten.  It was a good week.

On my father’s last morning, last unknown to probably both him and certainly to me as he had been looking good, I started back home thinking that death would come another time. I was several hundred miles down the road when the call came that he has passed quietly and peacefully. He had said his regrets. I had taken him back. Time to move on had come.


One thought on “Forgiving … Making Peace … Moving on …”

  1. I’m pretty sure we are related. My separation from my mother is too long and complicated to write here, but we did reconcile before she died. I’ve always been grateful…not so much for her sake, but mine.

    I still have rifts with some of my family members. I imagine things will sort out eventually.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with your friends and family. Your job description on Earth may not have included this service, but it is welcome and needed.

    Happy Sunday, Bill!

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