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Now that my hair has turned to silver, and some silver to white, I have more time to do some things.

In a bit of good fortune I live now within a 90 minute drive of where John Golding (b.1635-1640) lived at Gloucester, Virginia and just one hour from where William Golding (1704-1782) lived at Orange in Orange County, Virginia before moving much of his family to South Carolina.

My family research started in the late 1970s but I quit in the late 1990s due to hitting a brick wall on identifying my grandfather Green Golden. Due to new tools, databases and much more information being available,  I renewed my family research as of April 2013 and have been ever so glad that I did.

I very much look forward to exchanging notes, thoughts,  and ideas on Goldings, Goldens, Gouldings (G-Folk) of all origins.

William David Golden

1956 until the coffee runs out

UPDATED 2016.11.20


From Our Facebook Page

1623 - Thomas Goulding arrives in Virginia aboard the ship 'George' from London. Thomas appears in a census of Martins One Hundred in 1624.

'One Hundred' refers to a land grant meant to sustain 100 families. Martins One Hundred was just east of Jamestown, with the village of Wolstenholme Towne as its center. It was 80,000 acres in size.

Thomas Goulding was undoubtedly a 'replacement' colonist. Indians had launched an attack in 1622, just the year prior to Thomas Goulding's arrival, and killed 50-70 of the colonists ... and there weren't that many to begin with.

Martins One Hundred is roughly located between today's Jamestown and Yorktown.

Thomas Goulding appears to have survived and thrived. In August 1638 Thomas Goulding secured a patent for a lot in urban Jamestown.

Thomas is on my list of possible ancestors. I have no info as to what family he may have had.

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1625 - Sara Gouldinge is a servant at Elizabeth City, now Hampton Virginia. She arrived in 1623 on the ship 'Ann'.

No idea what happened to Sara.

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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family HistoryPer the census, they have 30 barrels of corn; 1000 fish (probably dried); 1 pig;1 palizado (???), 2 pistols and 1 murderer ... WHAT? A murderer? Certainly the name 'murderer' is worthy of the weapon's purpose. Murderer: "A small piece of ordnance either of brass or of iron. Weapons of this type had chambers in the breeches and were used in ships at the bulkheads of the forecastles in order to clear the decks of boarders. Called also murdering-piece." (Jester and Hiden 1987:20) Thank you Carole Alessi ... and to all: Carole Alessi has sent me a ton of stuff from her weekly library research. Will post as quickly as possible.

3 hours ago

Nancy AnackerThat's great. So funny about the 1 murderer.

2 hours ago   ·  1

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1691 Cape May, NJ -- William Golden, an Irish Jacobite Roman Catholic, flees Ireland from the Protestant army of William and Mary, and settles in the Cape May, New Jersey area.

Like many GFolks, there was no standard spelling of the family name, so some of William Golden's descendants are named Golding, many actually. The name change appears to have happen around the time of the Revolutionary War.

>>> This family went on to thrive in the Cape May, New Jersey area and Delaware through the early 1900s. Have not traced all the lines yet so they may yet be still thriving.

>>> Irish immigrant William Golden's grandson John William Golding (1733-1802) would go on to fight in the Revolutionary War. His service is documented with Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) as a 'Militia Man and Armed Seaman' in the New Jersey Navy.

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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family HistoryThank you to Carole Alessi for your weekly trips to the library. Am sharing your MANY finds as quickly as possible. So what is a Jacobite Catholic?

Jacobitism - Wikipedia23 hours ago

Carole AlessiBrain is fried tonight. Will think about your question tomorrow.

22 hours ago   ·  1

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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family History.... ALTHOUGH I met a real live person this week named John. His parents named all four sons John. Each had a different middle name. They weren't Goldens ... but ... some parents!

1 week ago   ·  1

Luther GoldenTrue.

1 week ago

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