Golden of Norfolk and Prince William, Virginia adopts a Coat of Arms

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Golden of Norfolk and Prince William, Virginia

Golden family of Norfolk VirginiaI have adopted a unique Coat of Arms for my own Golden family. My design incorporates the colors of the Golding family of Essex and Kent, England, and what are essentially the colors embraced by many Goldings, Goldens and Gouldings around the world.

The chevron represents a house roof in heraldry, a symbol of family and a willingness to extend protection to those that stand with me.

Colors are gold (Generosity) and red (Military Fortitude & Magnanimity).

The stag is representative of Peace & Harmony. Much of my life has been in service to country, and I am a retired U.S. Army soldier, father of a military member, and descendent of many ancestors who have served in the Armed Forces since the earliest years of American history. That said, Blessed are the peacemakers, the teachers, those that work to avoid conflict and undue hardship among their fellow citizens. Much of my life has been also given to volunteerism and working within my community. Make peace not war. Be prepared for war and willing to commit to victory.

William David “Bill” Golden
Norfolk, Virginia 1956-still making coffee daily

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  1. We may be related. My Great-Grandmother on my father’s side was Olive A. Goulding. She was born in Princeton, MN in 1864. Her father, my Great-Great-Grandfather was David Edwin Goulding. He was born in Pomeroy, OH in 1838. Any connection?

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