JOBS / I HATE DRIVING / But will do it for money $$

JOBS / I HATE DRIVING / During the summer I often take on extra recruiting projects because business sloooooooooows. My customers live on the federal budget. By July their gastank meters are running in the red and ‘E’ looms on the horizon.

It’s OK. It is summer. Anyway I have extra time and I do not mind at all being a recruiting mercenary. I know where the bodies are.

Making money I like. Driving to make money I hate. Most of the year I wake up, walk my dogs, drink too much coffee, answer email, do searches, write several articles for my eight or nine blogs, and people send me their resumes.

Sometimes my customers want me to come work in their office. An extra charge — but would be glad to discount my rate if they would just move their offices a tad closer … or maybe I should move closer. Anyway, spent three hours driving roundtrip today. Was a shock to my system. My idea of a long commute is maybe 10 minutes. Whine.

Am available to help with your recruiting challenge. Will drive for work and money … but I recruit for jobs in 28 countries daily and rarely leave home. Can do that for you too! (And it gives me more time to coach soccer).

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