7 thoughts on “Life is … usually different than we perceive it to be”

  1. Every day I am reminded of the vagaries of life. A lump in the breast at 42, a gasp for air at 46 and the discovery of congestive heart failure due to chemotherapy, valve replacement surgery, one false step down the stairs in the middle of the night resulting in two fractured vertebrae, vertebral fusion surgery, two strokes from, “therapeutic misadventures with Coumadin,”, repeated cardiac bacterial infections necessitating a second valve replacement surgery– all of this happening to one person who has never done anything wrong to anyone at anytime. But a strong will to survive and what I believe is a miracle have made her life and mine rich.

    The battle is a daily one for all of us, for some it is always uphill.

    We join you Bill as you gird yourself for this battle. CHARLIE GOLF ONE

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