5 thoughts on “Martina McBride – God’s Will (Music Vid)”

  1. This video is touching but paints an unrealistic picture.

    A single mom working two jobs with an absent father and a special needs child does not have time or financial ability to purchase or apply a full face of makeup or get highlights in her hair.

    A single mother in this situation does not have the financial ability to live in a nice neighborhood with big front yards and a single family home.

    She does not have the money to purchase, much less fill the gas tank of, a gas-guzzling Ford Explorer that does not have any scratches or dents on it.

    It is also unrealistic that a single mother would have a beneveolent stay at home mom friend who would happily watch her children while she works.

    Most stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) want very little to do with single mothers because single mothers have little time and little money to reciprocate their friendship.

    For a SAHM to provide charity care to a single mother is possible, but rare.

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