LIFE / Karma / Potatoes

LIFE / Karma / Potatoes

“If dreams were thunder
And lightning was desire
This old house would’ve burned down
A long time ago”

Yep…. yep … yep! Kinda like that on some days.

Although I’m not complaining. Life is good … I would just like to find the damned rewind button so I could do all the good parts again … which is about 99.9% of my life so far.

>>> I like my life so far and so well that I’m sure that when I get to heaven that St. Peter is going to permanently put me on ‘peeling potatoes’ in the kitchen because I done got good.

>>>>>> And if I should end in hell, I’m sure that Sammy Satan will put me on the ‘Baked Potatoes’ prep team … because I done got good.

Not that I’m greedy or anything but am sure hoping that both karma and reincarnation, as described on the Internet, sure is real because I hear that if you’re good now then it only gets gooder later … or better for you grammar Nazis.

The xx – Angels – Quiet thoughts and 8th Grade Graphics

‘XX’ is the name of the band. Angels is the song.

The video reminds me of going to dances back in 8th and 9th grade when psychodelia was all the rage. Someone would set up overhead projectors at the top of the school gym bleachers. A square clear cooking dish would be placed on the top of the projector and a mixture of oil and water would be put into the bowl. The heat from the projector would make the mixture begin to move about. Somehow someone also figured out how to project a rotating Christmas light into the mix and the projector would beam the pyschodelia out onto the gym walls. Life was groovy … or something like that.

I used to go to the dances to dance. I liked dancing … awkward as it was in 8th and 9th grade … growing up as a Southern Baptist and knowing that dancing was going to send me to hell. Pinball was also going to send me to hell per my Sunday School teacher Mrs. Johnson. Ultimately it was Joe-Joe Price that ruined dancing for me – he said that I danced like a chicken with its head cut off. It is hard to dance when someone keeps calling you Chickenman.

Anyway, please enjoy Angels by XX.