Carlsberg Bikers, San Antonio Bikers, and General Fears


Reminds me of a time in San Antonio, Texas. I went into this restaurant and right by the bathroom was the meanest, ugliest, most tattooed person I’ve ever seen. I thought that he was waiting for the wrong person to go in and then he would make a cash withdrawal.

I really had to pee but did not want to be his ATM.

After about 10 minutes, and him looking angrier by the moment, the door to the ladies room opened and out ran this 9 or 10 year old girl dressed like a little princess. “Daddy, daddy, I’m done. Sorry it took so long”, she said.

Biker Dad smiled from ear to ear and said very loudly “that’s OK sweetie. I’d wait for you all day.”

Their booth was about 10 feet from the bathroom. When I finally went to the bathroom I noticed that their table was full of crayon drawings. They BOTH were drawing and comparing pictures. When I left after an hour they were still drawing and giggling like little kids.

Have felt bad about judging him based upon appearance ever since … and have tried to be a bit more accepting of other’s strangeness.

Thanks to Connie Moser for sharing.