Book Review: Wings of Arian … fantasy … lots of dragons, ordinary and shapeshifting

Just finished the young adult phantasy series ‘Wings of Arian’.

WARNING: This series contains occasional kissing and a love triangle … but there are 50 shades of nothing other than dragons, magic, magical critters, battles AND the need for a proofreader.

This is the second trilogy series that I’ve read where there are some serious grammatical lapses, such as the rare misuse of ‘their’ for ‘there’, and the one or two missing words in a sentence. Example: He then handed her with great expectation the… (A fictional example as I did not take notes while reading. All outrage was solved with the reach for a glass of Merlot.)

WTH? Some word should always come after the word ‘the’. Good news: such things only happened perhaps once every 50 or so pages. I got over it because this is a really good read.

Rumor has it that I almost shed a tear about 10 pages before the end of the third book. The truth is that I’ve had a head cold lately and things happen. =^)

Book #1 of the trilogy is almost always FREE on both Google and Kindle. Books #2 and #3 are usually $2.99-3.99. Time well spent.

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Wings of Arian

Book Review: Legon Awakening … Elves, Dragons and an epileptic Sister

Good Book / Free Book / I want to see this as a movie.

Whining: this ‘first in the series’ about a human/elfen named Legon would appear to be a self-published book. There are a few obvious errors that would drive an editor nuts … BUT this is a very good book all the same, and the prose plus character development flows very nicely.

Legon Awakening

FREE Book!! Just download and read. Basic storyline: Set in a time when people ride horses, and have no electricity or indoor plumbing, there are people, elven (tall, slender elves … unrelated to Keebler elves), and iumenta (evil, grumpy elves that serve an evil queen) that inhabit the lands. Other than ‘the queen is a bitch’ there is not much character development for her character. There is plenty of character development for the townfolks of Salmont. The book really shines in describing the inhabitants of this small town … in a land with really high taxes. Meanwhile the bitchy queen is busy bothering everyone as she races against time to find a messiah-like person that supposedly is an elf that will rally the humans.

The book revolves around the lives of four young people about to turn 18 years of age … and they have a very rough year of it. No spoilers! Read the book.

By the book’s end there are battles using magic, dragons … to include a pink dragon and a blue dragon … some of the humans appear to be interbred with the elves and some humans are capable of becoming elves … plus, some humans have magical powers (Muggles with magic!). It also appears that some dragons can transform into gorgeous babes that are imminently kissable … although they still have dragon breath.

400+ pages of a book that is worth reading despite a few things need editing … but only a few.

Someone out there please make this a movie. It would be a hit! The core theme is both very familiar and yet different enough that it could even become a classic.

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Book – Orphanage (Jason Wander) / Fiction Scifi – Starship Troopers Revisited

The book Orphanage (Jason Wander) was first published in 2008 by Robert Buettner, a former Army Military Intelligence officer.

Bill Golden sez: If you liked or loved Robert Heinlein’s classic Starship Troopers then you will quickly come to like Orphanage by Buettner. The books are alike in so many ways, even with political undertones that many readers would overlook. Heinlein’s classic allowed voting rights only to those that served honorably in federal service, i.e. the military (a long running argument on this examined in great detail – PDF). Buettner’s take is similar but with a strong post 9/11 update as to how the world works.

Robert Buettner Orphanage
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Lots of military humor soaked into this book as the main character, Jason Wander, goes from being a reluctant screw-up of a military recruit to a breveted general officer (eventually).

If you want some light reading with a familiar theme that keeps you constantly meeting new characters and full of plot twists then this is the book, and the book series for you to read.

Some really good news is this is a book series and each book just gets better. Wars are not over quickly and neither is this series.

Other books in this series that I have read and like; no, I have not read them all yet.

If you like these books then there are others available … but I have not read those … so let me know how that they work for you. I unintentionally read the last book in the series (Triumph); since I know how it all turns out I just did not have interest in going back and reading some of the other books.


From the official description of this book:

Mankind’s first alien contact tears into Earth: projectiles launched from Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, vaporize whole cities. Under siege, humanity gambles on one desperate counterstrike. In a spacecraft scavenged from scraps and armed with Vietnam-era weapons, foot soldiers like eighteen-year-old Jason Wander-orphans that no one will miss-must dare man’s first interplanetary voyage and invade Ganymede.

They have one chance to attack, one ship to attack with. Their failure is our extinction.