UPDATE 8/24: Cancer, Coffee and Cookies

Life is good.

I find it bothersome that I cannot drive when I want. It makes me feel like a 15 year old teen: life is awaiting me if only there was a ride to where life is.

On the other hand, riding in cars currently unhinges me. The left side of my chest and left shoulder blade remain scratched up from the surgery. Basic healing of that should take another few weeks. So far I have left home twice, once to go to church at the Reverend Al’s place and once to the movies … and to go to the doctor’s office for followup health checks.

This coming week starts consultation with the hematology-oncology folks. Will start chemo in September. There is no known effective chemo therapy for BSCC cancer — but since the cancer has shown that it will return, and is mobile in where it returns, then chemo will be one approach to battling or slowing my next battle with it.

Perhaps the more significant fight against cancer’s return will be to eat a some strict anti-cancer diet. I started such a diet in mid-2011 but admit to having strayed. I did eat all the things that I should … but I also ate (often after the first year of recovery) many of the things that I should not: beef, dairy, bread and simple carbs — all of the blessed tasty stuff in life. There will be the occasional chili dog and beer in my life but only on holidays; have considered moving to Germany where they have 22 official holidays annually.

Life is good. I have no complaints. With diligence and proactive advocation for appropriate health care with the doctors then I expect to have decades of good quality life ahead.

Stay curious. Ask questions. Not all answers to your questions are correct. Be your own advocate. Eat chili dogs if the chance presents itself … just not too often.