Silly Chinese-Korean Pop Song takes Chinese and World Music Market by storm … and it is indeed silly

This song ‘Little Apple’ in English was constantly in the Chinese Top 10 since June of 2014.

Video is by the Chopsticks Brothers, who wrote the song as part of a soundtrack for a Chinese movie. This little ditty is a very catchy tune but the bizarreness of the music video has created a fanbase worldwide. MANY versions of this song with their own tribute videos and interpretations can now be found on Youtube.

Yes, I admit it. I like offtrack things which often verge on ‘OMG crazy!’ Life is too short to go with only what you know.

How popular is the song? ‘Little Apple’ even won at the American Music Awards … and the Chinese Army created its own version in July 2014 to use for recruiting; its video showed soldiers dancing and … view the video for yourself below.

You can find MANY other interesting versions of ‘Little Apple’ online.