Collard Greens and Chocolate

Collard Greens and Chocolate Chips — actually go well together.

Had a bowl of collards so that I could claim to be eating healthy. Then I saw that my son had left some dark chocolate chips (the healthy kind!) on the counter.

We all need dessert. Scooped up some chips … and gotta admit that the flavor mix was not an instant hit. Set the chocolate chips down and went back to doing something else. Then somehow the flavors mixed … or maybe I just like chocolate … anyway, finished off the chips. I do feel guilty … happily guilty, but guilty.

The real cost of FREE Truffles

Price fixing! The cost of Truffles, and the price thereof, is fixed!

Have become a mall walker. Day after day I see the same thing and notice when something is amiss. Am currently up to 2.5 miles of window shopping.

Evidence that the price of Truffles is too damned high, and the price is fixed: BOTH Victoria’s Secret and ‘Life is — Pink — is Life‘ will give you FREE Truffles but ONLY if you buy $75 of stuff.

Price fixing sez me. Will keep you up to date on other consumer trends as I see them. I promise!

Truffles and Panties

I’ve got sugary lips and am feeling really, really guilty! Somewhat.

Dear Twinkies,

I went in search of you today. Since you are disappearing then I wanted to wish you goodbye … even though I probably have not eaten a Twinkie since high school.

The shelf was bare! There were other Hostess products but all the Twinkies had been bought out.

Since I was going to defile my body then I decided to get something. I saw some Little Debbie cupcakes. Yum. Little Debbie and I can party. But no, am against processed pastries, etc. (Shouldn’t eat any … ). So I passed Little Debbie by and I guess that I’ll never have one last Twinkie.

Little Debbie Cupcakes
Little Debbie Cupcakes

A Bear Claw caught my attention. A cinnamon roll did too. The sign said “Fresh Baked”. Maybe/maybe not. It was a 7-Eleven.

Oh what the hell. I may die later today. I got a cup of fresh coffee and both the Bear Claw and the cinnamon roll.

Bear Claw pastry
Bear Claw pastry

I hate myself for it now … but at the time I licked every gram of sugar off of my fingers and wished that I had also gotten a chocolate-covered donut.

Sign me,
Feeling fat and bloated but I’ve got sugary lips!