The ‘End Times’ are upon us …

‘Ding, DONG … DONG, Ding’ went the doorbell.

My dogs went into a panic: Intruder alert!

There were two very primly dressed ladies at my front door. ‘Hello’ sez me. ‘Hello’ sez they, ‘Can we ask you two questions.’

With coffee cup firmly in hand, but almost empty: Sure.

Q #1: Don’t you agree that the world is becoming ever more troublesome? … Umm, no. Am pretty sure that the world has always been a fairly messed up place.

Q #2: Don’t you agree that the future looks grim and the end times are coming? … Well yes, I did hear that the world will end one day. But that is about four billion years into the future … so am not overly worried.

Bonus Question: Wouldn’t you like to know Jesus’ answers for these questions? (The dogs are still going crazy. They aren’t happy unless they get a chance to bite and nip at some heels.) … No, thank you. Perhaps another day.

As they left, the lead questioner noted: You have beautiful flowers and a nice smile, too.

Today is Monday. Not even noon yet. It is going to be a good week.


I found freedom for myself through a simple philosophy …

My philosophy:

— Life happens. Get over it.

— Do unto others as you’d want done to you.

— Trust but always verify. People don’t like being fact-checked, but they get used to it if you always do it … and sometimes are better people because of it. Welcome fact-checking of yourself. I do.

— Never trust people that seem to always have all the answers.

— Beware of people that claim to know God personally and that fly a flag at every occasion … yet claim that my understanding of God is errant and my patriotism is misplaced because I don’t believe in X, Y or Z.

— Keep a dog nearby and feed it often. He’s your only best friend.

— Stay curious. Stay skeptic. Consider that you/I may be wrong.