Jesus Walks … If I believe … String Theory … To Whom It May Concern

‎”Do you think if you ask God for courage he will give you courage? No. He will give you the chance to be courageous.”

— From a movie “Evan Almighty” with Morgan Freeman narrating God, or God visiting us possibly as Morgan Freeman

Which is more important? Us believing in God, or God believing in us? Does it matter?

Dear To Whom It May Concern,

I believe in you. I am just clueless as to what you (or youse guys) really are. Is there an end plan? A real end plan?

Well … that’s my limit on thinking today.

It makes my head hurt to try to get beyond that. So here is my bottom line: I believe in you/something exists. It is a positive something … or perhaps just a neutral something. If I believe in you then I must believe in me. To believe in both you and me then I must believe that I have purpose. If I have purpose then I need to accomplish something. Since what exactly I need to accomplish is a bit of a murky thought as well … perhaps … I’ll just have to keep it simple: doing something positive for all the folks that you also believe in. Whatever I can.

Note: I’m not so sure about some of the folks that you believe in. I’m just taking it on faith that they are all redeemable … redeemable in whatever way equals good karma .. and if you got any extra redemption then please hit me … am in need.

P.S. Please share any extra with Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt. She’s a friend of mine. Deserving, but may be too shy to ask. I’m shy too but I find shyness doesn’t get you so many things in  life … OK, bye for now!