About Veggie Dogs: Why?

My heating furnace went on the fritz so I decided to fix it myself. Somewhere in the process I ended up with two extra screws, but neither fit the one remaining screw hole that held my furnace ignitor switch in place. So off to Lowes I trundled.

Got my screws! … and I have a few extra left over if you need a size 8 1/2 or 10 1/2 metal screw … or two.

Anyway, on my way out the door I saw a beautifully bright red hot dog stand. The beauty was more in the offering of hot dogs than the color … although it was indeed a nice red.

Hot Dogs

I am trying to eat more healthy these days so the ‘Veggie Dogs’ sign caught my attention. Dearly do I love hot dogs … as life … which is why I need to eat more healthy these days. Theoretically a Veggie Dog offered health and a hot dog all in one package.

Veggie Veggy Hot Dog

Verdict of a hot dog connoisseur: the bread was soft and perfect for a hot dog whilst the cole slaw was equally wonderful. Words escape me as how best to describe the hot dog. Ack!! Blech!! OMFG!! It reminded me a bit of ground cauliflower mixed with tofu and dyed reddish.

Final verdict: done that. There is no reason for me to follow that path of curiousity again.

And no, I  do not feel healthier for it. To top things off my son monitors my Facebook page and lectured me on the virtues of eating white bread, thus negating any potential health benefit from whatever else that I ate.

Yes, Father, I have sinned and there is no joy in it to be found.

Veterans Days 2014 / The Navy, Me, and Donuts – 1968

When I was 12 I lived next door to a Navy family. The father served on a destroyer at Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida.

Each year they would have family day. The whole family was welcome to come aboard ship and they sailed several hours out to sea and then back. It was long enough that you got a full meal and lots of snacks out of it. They snuck me aboard as a ‘son’.

We were allowed to wander most of the ship without adult escort, to include wandering in and out of the messhall. I grew up eating very basic food without hardly any frills. The messhall had trays of donuts of all kinds and you could drink all the chocolate milk that you wanted — things which were unknown at my house. That was almost enough to convince me that the Navy offered opportunities.


Spicy Chicken and Strange Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was a defense contractor working as a new member of an analytic team.

I needed to find a way to learn more quickly about my target. The contract was for the Marines. So I put on an old military uniform and went to the Marines and volunteered to work half days for free.

The only uniform that I could find was Army BDUs and had PFC (E3) stripes sewn on … things were going well until they started doing all kinds of exercises and running. They said that if I wanted to hang with them then I had to participate. That’s when I woke up from the dream. I’m 58 and a retired Warrant … I’m not running even in my dreams.

I blame it all on the spicy chicken sandwich that I had for dinner … and the Robert Heinlein Starship Trooper book that I am reading … and my past life as an analyst … and present life as a recruiter thereof … or something like that.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Dairy Queen — she was my babe

I worked at a Dairy Queen before I went into the Army. It was actually a very good job for learning. My boss was a coach at a local high school (but not my HS). He said that he opened the Dairy Queen in the mid-60s so young people would have a place to go.

Each year he would invite all the workers to his home at the beach, throw a lavish party and give everyone presents. That was pretty nice since he had about 40 people working for him, and most of us made minimum wage plus maybe 30-40 cents extra per hour if we had been there a year or so. Minimum wage in 1973 was $1.60/hour.

He got and deserved loyalty. That may seem silly when talking about a place that serves burgers and ice cream … but … it is what it is.

Dairy Queen and Bill Golden
Bill Golden standing in front of the Dairy Queen where he worked 1972-74, University Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida … 40 years later in 2014.

Jewish Penicillin – Gainesville, Virginia is missing some chickens!

Gainesville, Virginia is missing some chickens!

My good friends Elena Schlossberg-Kunkel and Betsie Fobes presented me with a huge dose of ‘Jewish Penicillin’ today. OMG – the chicken chunks alone were a meal … at least several chickens must have fallen into that pot. I felt good after the first bowl and even better after the second!

Even better was that I got some time this afternoon to have some coffee and pumpkin muffins while talking politics with Betsie and Elena … and sharing thoughts about what 2014 looks like >>> every year in Virginia is an election year so if you don’t like things now just wait, as the next campaign starts tomorrow.

Anyway, there are some chickens missing in Gainesville, Virginia and I know where they are: they are yummy in my tummy.