REVIEW of ‘The Interview’ – Fun Raunch! … and free speech run rampant

Never in my 58 years have I wandered out on Christmas day to go to a movie.

Bill Golden - The Interview

This year I decided to put on my Red, White and Blue suspenders and go out to support independent theater owners that took the risk of showing the movie called ‘The Interview‘, which has earned the ire of North Korea, a hacking group called the Guardians of Freedom, and from which corporate America ran away from as quickly as possible.

I chose to view this movie based simply upon the principle of embracing free speech … and poking back at those who would dictate to us what we should/should not see, read, think or be exposed to.

Our local independent theater, the Manassas Four which is owned and operated by Bunny Khorana, fancied itself up for the film’s Christmas debut.

Manassas Four Theater

And yes, people showed up. So many people showed up to see the movie that they moved its showing to the largest of the four theaters in the complex.

Manassas Four - The Interview Crowd

America came out to see this movie. The young, the old, and those of every hue … plus there seemed to be a healthy number of Koreans in the audience.

The Review 

Quick Review: Oy vey! Rude, crude, lewd and embarrassingly very funny.

The audience laughed … they/we laughed a lot. I noticed that women’s voices were often the loudest and most often to be heard laughing. Two of the film’s main characters were women and both used their bodies as weapons … on the soft minds of men and male weaknesses (which are legion!). Sexual innuendo on the level of young males overdosed on testosterone trying to gross each out was woven into every major scene of the movie … and there was a strong gay humor streak as well.

No one escaped insult or stereotyping. Yet I cannot help but believe that the audience walked away having laughed at itself.

We laughed not only at the fun poked at Kim — but NEVER was there a moment when the laughs were at the expense of Koreans or Asians — we also laughed at America. American media and corporate values were just as much poked and embraced for every laugh and gagline imaginable.

‘F’ Bombs: this movie was a continuous carpetbombing of that effing word.

At moments I felt embarrassed to have laughed so loud and so often because … this film is so rude, crude and lewd in a mischievous foul-mouthed American juvenile kind of way. I admit it: the laughing felt good … and I should have taken a rosary with me to keep count and to ask forgiveness for each smile that crossed my mind.

Supposedly this movie was ‘low budget’ but the videography and the acting and the scenes were all very well done. There was no cheese anywhere … except in the low brow humor.

God bless America and fresh popcorn. Go see the movie! Do it because we’re Americans and no one tells us what to do … except our moms … and that doesn’t always work out so well either.

So was the movie worth it? Was it worth the money that I spent?

On the way home I stopped off to get some milk for my coffee. Prominently displayed were some suggested unique Christmas gifts for those in search of something … anything … for those desperate … to spend some money on anything just so they could show that they remembered you … or whatever. If you would buy a Chia Willie then you need to get your willie to the theater and show that you really believe in America and free speech.

Chia Willie

About Greg Letiecq’s critique of PWC Committee of 100’s awkward policy on bloggers

Prince William, Virginia

Dear Committee of 100,

You provide an incredible public service. If only other organizations worked as hard as you do at providing a public forum for meaningful meeting with candidates and discussion of public issues.

However, you need to immediately review your awkward policy on allowing bloggers to cover your events. Bloggers are media whether you like it or not. Bloggers undoubtedly bring more attention to your events and to your issues than most regular media will or probably can. Local traditional media is not exactly known for much more than covering car accidents, kittens in trees and the occasional zoning debate … as long the debate can be concluded within two to three paragraphs.

You need to make nice. An apology to Greq Letiecq should be on your list of things to do.

Greq wrote a critique of his experience at the October 2nd Committee of 100 candidates forum. I realize that Greg is not most folk’s cup of tea. The word journalism and journalist probably does not come to mind when his name or his blog comes up in conversation. Get over it. Greg is a player. He has an audience. Your mission is to provide a forum for the public — bloggers engage the public at far greater levels and often do so daily.

Greg made some great points in his critique.

You also have another alternative: ban all media as a non-attribution event and also ban all cellphone cameras, and cameras in general.

So what are you going to do? The new century started 13 years ago. Times have changed. Bloggers are a prominent component of modern media.

About Letiecq’s critique: Get over it. Apologize. Join the present future.

Best regards,
Bill Golden