Zensational – Starry Skies, God, Beer & Free Pizza

My side of the wall has plenty of green grass, and flowing clear water and memories to last a lifetime.

However, I want to see what I haven’t seen. I want to think thoughts that tickle my brain. I want to understand.

Does God exist? I do not know. I exist … so why not God … or gods … or pubs with free pizza and beer? Am in search of them all.

Walls - on the other side

When I pray …

I pray daily, sometimes numerous times per day.

Dear To Whom It May Concern (Yes, yes I do!),

I’m not sure that you exist, but no reason you shouldn’t. No reason I should either.

Got a moment? Would like just a minute of your time. Could I ask …

Thanks and I believe in you. Although I do have some issues with other people that also believe in you.