Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said … Some Policy OPTIONS

Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said: If you break it you own it.


++ Put it out with the other broken stuff. Let someone else haul it away. Don’t look at the stuff until it is gone. It will just break your heart.

++ Try to superglue it back together. It will be uglier than ugly … but … nah, not a good idea.Everything for 800 miles in any direction is a bad neighborhood. Always has been. Always will be.

++ Play Olympian Gods: Hit the mortals with lightning bolts. If they assume that Mount Olympus is really angry then the mortals may play nice. Must be prepared to play God indefinitely. (It’s not like the place has been rebuilt since the last time we played God.) Must assume that mortals that believe that they will become martyrs will need convincing with LOTS of lightning bolts for several decades.

++ Create a ‘No Shit Zone’. This is also playing God. Develop a short list of 10 or less ‘Thou shall/shall not’ for the locals; promise a jobs creation plan for Americans at home (after getting them to work for less) for the endless production of lightning bolts. Besides, Israel has already shown that if you play really rough you can expend all of your lightning rods pretty damn quickly … this could create lots of jobs … although the result will be that we will increase by a factor of 300% the number of young kids that swear that once they grow up then they’ll be back to avenge their family.

No shit: Playing God ain’t what it used to be since the locals got the same weapons that we have. Just wait until China sells them a tactical Iron Dome. Jar Jar Binks … we need you buddy!

God War Asteroids Defense
You can find God at this link.

The ‘End Times’ are upon us …

‘Ding, DONG … DONG, Ding’ went the doorbell.

My dogs went into a panic: Intruder alert!

There were two very primly dressed ladies at my front door. ‘Hello’ sez me. ‘Hello’ sez they, ‘Can we ask you two questions.’

With coffee cup firmly in hand, but almost empty: Sure.

Q #1: Don’t you agree that the world is becoming ever more troublesome? … Umm, no. Am pretty sure that the world has always been a fairly messed up place.

Q #2: Don’t you agree that the future looks grim and the end times are coming? … Well yes, I did hear that the world will end one day. But that is about four billion years into the future … so am not overly worried.

Bonus Question: Wouldn’t you like to know Jesus’ answers for these questions? (The dogs are still going crazy. They aren’t happy unless they get a chance to bite and nip at some heels.) … No, thank you. Perhaps another day.

As they left, the lead questioner noted: You have beautiful flowers and a nice smile, too.

Today is Monday. Not even noon yet. It is going to be a good week.


Getting to Heaven … through an Irish child’s mind

You gotta love the Irish people.

A true Story from an Irish Sunday School Teacher:

… Editor’s Note: All stories reputed to be true, per the Internet, are true!

I was testing children in my Dublin Sunday school class to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven.

I asked them: If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into heaven?

‘NO!’ the children answered.

If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the garden, and kept everything tidy, would that get me into heaven?

Again, the answer was ‘NO!’

If I gave sweets to all the children, and loved my husband, would that get me into heaven?

Again, they all answered ‘NO!’

I was just bursting with pride for them. I continued: Then how can I get into heaven?

A little boy shouted out: ‘YUV GOTTA BE FOOKN’ DEAD.’

Thanks to George Harris for passing along this bit of humor.

Prayer – no permission needed

A good friend wrote over the weekend and asked if they could pray for me.

Yes, I welcome all prayers and best wishes … even though I personally pray to ‘To whom it may concern’. We Unitarians are open-minded about getting assistance along life’s travels.

I do pray. For me it is not usually about ‘why’ or ‘how’ but ‘what’. With life being challenging, what should I do with my life at this point? What do I do to make it worthy more today than yesterday?

Along the way, God or Gaia or someone has usually answered: it is what it is. Make your choices. Life is eternal. It just changes state with time. Tomorrow comes or it doesn’t. What are you going to do with today?

Thank you,
Bill G.

Zensational – Starry Skies, God, Beer & Free Pizza

My side of the wall has plenty of green grass, and flowing clear water and memories to last a lifetime.

However, I want to see what I haven’t seen. I want to think thoughts that tickle my brain. I want to understand.

Does God exist? I do not know. I exist … so why not God … or gods … or pubs with free pizza and beer? Am in search of them all.

Walls - on the other side

Jesus Walks … If I believe … String Theory … To Whom It May Concern

‎”Do you think if you ask God for courage he will give you courage? No. He will give you the chance to be courageous.”

— From a movie “Evan Almighty” with Morgan Freeman narrating God, or God visiting us possibly as Morgan Freeman

Which is more important? Us believing in God, or God believing in us? Does it matter?

Dear To Whom It May Concern,

I believe in you. I am just clueless as to what you (or youse guys) really are. Is there an end plan? A real end plan?

Well … that’s my limit on thinking today.

It makes my head hurt to try to get beyond that. So here is my bottom line: I believe in you/something exists. It is a positive something … or perhaps just a neutral something. If I believe in you then I must believe in me. To believe in both you and me then I must believe that I have purpose. If I have purpose then I need to accomplish something. Since what exactly I need to accomplish is a bit of a murky thought as well … perhaps … I’ll just have to keep it simple: doing something positive for all the folks that you also believe in. Whatever I can.

Note: I’m not so sure about some of the folks that you believe in. I’m just taking it on faith that they are all redeemable … redeemable in whatever way equals good karma .. and if you got any extra redemption then please hit me … am in need.

P.S. Please share any extra with Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt. She’s a friend of mine. Deserving, but may be too shy to ask. I’m shy too but I find shyness doesn’t get you so many things in  life … OK, bye for now!

When I pray …

I pray daily, sometimes numerous times per day.

Dear To Whom It May Concern (Yes, yes I do!),

I’m not sure that you exist, but no reason you shouldn’t. No reason I should either.

Got a moment? Would like just a minute of your time. Could I ask …

Thanks and I believe in you. Although I do have some issues with other people that also believe in you.


I found freedom for myself through a simple philosophy …

My philosophy:

— Life happens. Get over it.

— Do unto others as you’d want done to you.

— Trust but always verify. People don’t like being fact-checked, but they get used to it if you always do it … and sometimes are better people because of it. Welcome fact-checking of yourself. I do.

— Never trust people that seem to always have all the answers.

— Beware of people that claim to know God personally and that fly a flag at every occasion … yet claim that my understanding of God is errant and my patriotism is misplaced because I don’t believe in X, Y or Z.

— Keep a dog nearby and feed it often. He’s your only best friend.

— Stay curious. Stay skeptic. Consider that you/I may be wrong.

Finding Life’s Path

I have about every piece of Michael W. Smith music since the early 1980s.

In one of my darkest moments his music helped me realize that there is a path … there is always a path … we just have to want to take it.

Even though we feel that our own life is of little value we should still use that life to serve others. In taking that path we give value to our lives.