Feb 10th – Coffee time in Honolulu – Am drinking Lion brand today.

Am in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Hale Koa Resort Hotel. Come have coffee and cake with me today as I host the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), SAIC and URS as they recruit some of Hawaii’s best and brightest.

Time for coffee/meet: 10AM-3PM Pacific Time

Will be at Fort DeRussy Beach from 7PM onward; fireworks at 7:45PM … you are welcome to join me then too.


One of the pleasures of being in Hawaii is to be able to drink Lion Coffee.

Hawaii Bound … Jawohl. Leben ist gut!

Am getting stuff ready for my Hawaii trip.

I love travel — as long as it is not a matter of go there, turn around and almost immediately come back. I like to linger … linger at least long enough to adjust to the time zone.

On this trip will be in Hawaii for a week, return home for several days and then am off to Germany.

From tropical paradise to winter paradise … a schnell transition from shorts and flip flops to heavy overcoat and boots. My life.

My life — which I love as long as I get some lingering in there.

So I may be traveling to paradise twice over BUT I assure you that it is all work. Just work. Only work.

Hawaii: My seminar http://tinyurl.com/84qfz9s and my hosting of the Defense Intellgence Agency http://tinyurl.com/7rwdot8

Germany: http://tinyurl.com/84hh44m