Jewish Penicillin – Gainesville, Virginia is missing some chickens!

Gainesville, Virginia is missing some chickens!

My good friends Elena Schlossberg-Kunkel and Betsie Fobes presented me with a huge dose of ‘Jewish Penicillin’ today. OMG – the chicken chunks alone were a meal … at least several chickens must have fallen into that pot. I felt good after the first bowl and even better after the second!

Even better was that I got some time this afternoon to have some coffee and pumpkin muffins while talking politics with Betsie and Elena … and sharing thoughts about what 2014 looks like >>> every year in Virginia is an election year so if you don’t like things now just wait, as the next campaign starts tomorrow.

Anyway, there are some chickens missing in Gainesville, Virginia and I know where they are: they are yummy in my tummy.