Roar like you mean it. Roar back. Roar always.

Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

Katy has a lot to roar about, and I just love this song. This was my ‘fight back’ song during cancer treatment. Early in her singing career Katy was interesting but her voice was weak. She pushed the limits of her ability. It is obvious (to me at least) that she has great control of her voice now and can indeed roar.

CANCER / HOPE / =^) … DNA technology provides new outlook

CANCER / HOPE / =^) … Met with Oncology today and my current health assessment: Am healthy in every way except for the effects of radiation and chemo … but am doing well in living with that. There are no detectable indicators of cancer (blood/chest xray/urine/physical exams for tumors, etc.). Comprehensive testing (MRA/PET Scan) will begin in February or March once my body settles down from radiation treatment — which creates false positives.

They had more good news … recently published research links specific DNA markers within my cancer with a potentially fatal weakness identified in the cancer … the tradeoff is that I must continue on with more chemo to get the possible payoff.

I want to see grandbabies and grandpuppies and see if social security gets fixed and to be a pain-in-the-ass factchecker for another 10-20 years.

Sign me up! I told the doctors — but I did have one question: Is it possible to get my chemo in chocolate flavor? … because the regular stuff sucks!!!