I’ve got sugary lips and am feeling really, really guilty! Somewhat.

Dear Twinkies,

I went in search of you today. Since you are disappearing then I wanted to wish you goodbye … even though I probably have not eaten a Twinkie since high school.

The shelf was bare! There were other Hostess products but all the Twinkies had been bought out.

Since I was going to defile my body then I decided to get something. I saw some Little Debbie cupcakes. Yum. Little Debbie and I can party. But no, am against processed pastries, etc. (Shouldn’t eat any … ). So I passed Little Debbie by and I guess that I’ll never have one last Twinkie.

Little Debbie Cupcakes
Little Debbie Cupcakes

A Bear Claw caught my attention. A cinnamon roll did too. The sign said “Fresh Baked”. Maybe/maybe not. It was a 7-Eleven.

Oh what the hell. I may die later today. I got a cup of fresh coffee and both the Bear Claw and the cinnamon roll.

Bear Claw pastry
Bear Claw pastry

I hate myself for it now … but at the time I licked every gram of sugar off of my fingers and wished that I had also gotten a chocolate-covered donut.

Sign me,
Feeling fat and bloated but I’ve got sugary lips!