Get an F-22 Quadcopter Drone at your local 7-11

Bill Golden sez:

You can now pick up a ‘drone’ at your 7-11 along with your cup of coffee and a doughnut.

F-22 Drone RPV

The 7-11 convenience store at the corner of Dale Boulevard and Hoadly Road, Dale City, Virginia, now offers three kinds of drones for less than $99.

Despite the advertisement that these are professional grade drones, these drones are really just advanced toys with limited use — you get seven minutes of flight time on a good set of batteries. However, the drones look well built and durable and you can pick up the F-22 quadcopter drone for just $59.

Seven minutes of flight time — that’s a lot more than I once got with my rubberband balsawood airplanes!

Rubberband Glider Airplane
Get your rubberband gliders at Rainbow Resource

BTW – No doughnuts were actually eaten during my visit to this 7-11 … just in case you are talking to my wife.

Bill G.

CANCER, Kids and happy, happy smiles

I wake up each day smiling. Sometimes it takes me 30 seconds to get in full gear but I still smile … and usually I do so all day long.

This was today’s wakeup video, courtesy of my good friend Connie.

I loved seeing the faces of the kids in this video … and some of the nurses weren’t bad either.

Be brave. Stay strong. Life happens. Smile.

Kids and Cancer – September is Awareness Month + SCAMS

Kids – gotta love the kids. Cancer and illness can be hard when you really have not a clue what is happening in your life … except that it hurts, the hurt returns, and bad days are too many.

Also, please be wary of ALL charities. A great many are not worth giving even a penny. Ignore that ‘we are a non-profit’ bogus sell job. A great many charities do very little for whomever they supposedly claim to be helping.

Learn more about Kids, Cancer and Charities.

Cancer - September is children cancer awareness month