Book Review: Wings of Arian … fantasy … lots of dragons, ordinary and shapeshifting

Just finished the young adult phantasy series ‘Wings of Arian’.

WARNING: This series contains occasional kissing and a love triangle … but there are 50 shades of nothing other than dragons, magic, magical critters, battles AND the need for a proofreader.

This is the second trilogy series that I’ve read where there are some serious grammatical lapses, such as the rare misuse of ‘their’ for ‘there’, and the one or two missing words in a sentence. Example: He then handed her with great expectation the… (A fictional example as I did not take notes while reading. All outrage was solved with the reach for a glass of Merlot.)

WTH? Some word should always come after the word ‘the’. Good news: such things only happened perhaps once every 50 or so pages. I got over it because this is a really good read.

Rumor has it that I almost shed a tear about 10 pages before the end of the third book. The truth is that I’ve had a head cold lately and things happen. =^)

Book #1 of the trilogy is almost always FREE on both Google and Kindle. Books #2 and #3 are usually $2.99-3.99. Time well spent.

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Wings of Arian