Memorial Day 2012, back when …

I am myself a veteran, having joined the Army while still in high school back in 1974 and then retiring back in 1996. The Army took me around the world and across the USA.

My initial service was within the Signal Corps, but through a fluke of conversation I found myself joining military intelligence in 1975 as a member of the Army Security Agency (ASA). Through the years, military service took me from the nitty-gritty of being a 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment soldier to working at the national level.

It is something that I would do all over again. The Army and military service made me a better person. I learned to overcome. I learned that bad can happen but our mission is to get beyond that. Focus. Set an objective. Move forward.

Best regards,
Bill Golden

Military Veterans

Marion Norfleet Styron – U.S. Army 1944

Marion Norfleet Styron of Hickory, Virginia was my great aunt on my mother’s side. She married Donald Styron. Both served in the U.S. Army and met during World War II.

Aunt Marion joined the Women Army Corps (WAC) when she got the chance.

These photos are from December 1944 while she was in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. She sent these photos to my Uncle John Norfleet, U.S. Navy, who was himself stationed at Attu in the Aleutians at the time.

Note: click the photos to get larger, higher resolution versions. Two levels are provided.

FYI – The Norfleets are among Virginia’s and America’s oldest families, having arrived at Jamestown, Virginia no later than October 1637 when they received a land grant at what is now the Springfield Plantation on the James River, Virginia.

Am a family historian of the Norfleet family (came to America in 1636/37 at Jamestown from Norfleet, England) and the Richard Golden family (came to America at Savannah, Georgia by way of Ireland). I welcome your photos, stories and memories. If you have no one to leave them to the please consider sending them to me. I promise to keep them safe, to digitize them, and to share them with the world. You can reach me at