MOVIE REVIEW – Captain Phillips

MOVIE REVIEW – Captain Phillips

A Tom Hanks film. He has an interesting Yankee accent. Sounds like Forrest Gump with a toothache. Hanks is a container ship captain in a bad neighborhood known to have a Somali pirates problem.

The film also depicts Captain Phillips as concerned with the ship’s safety when it appears that that was not the case. Ships were supposed to stay 600 miles of the coast to prevent local coastal pirates from attacking — Captain Philips shaved corners to get where he was going quicker and was only 240 miles of the Somali coast when attacked. His crew later sued him.

Enough of the whining. If you are not concerned with facts then this is a super movie! The theater stayed absolutely quiet from beginning to end.

After the first 10-15 slow minutes setting the story up then things went fast. Tense! Tense! Tense! You could literally hear anyone in the theater if they were munching popcorn or making noise. I didn’t hear much popcorn munching. This story grabs you.

This is a very involved story. The pirates have personalities and stories. Some stories. They are made out to be humans caught up in a life where doing bad is ‘just business’, and doing business is not an option.

HEROES — this move makes the U.S. Navy and Navy Seals seem like some of the most coordinated bad-asses that God ever put on our water-covered planet. The Navy comes off looking good … real, real good! .. and tough! Ass kicking tough! God bless the U.S. Navy. This could be a recruiting film … and I say this as a 21 year military vet, not some chicken hawk kind of guy. Was impressed.

SPOILER ALERT — Captain Philips keeps telling the pirates that the Navy will not let them get away. They should have listened to Captain Phillips.



Different. 3-D strongly recommended. Story plot: Astronaut shuttle crew working on repair of deep space imaging system. Unexpected bad stuff happens. Real bad. Only three actors in the movie + maybe 2 or 3 others for about 10 seconds. George Clooney plays George Clooney. Does great job. Sandra Bullock plays nervous, upset doctor with great legs and ability to open doors on foreign space stations. The only other actor with a speaking part dies early on. … Mission: survive … OK, so does not sound like a great movie so far. … This is an INCREDIBLE movie. Really. … You need to see to understand. Stuff happens and time flies. Movie over before you know it. … MORE popcorn, please.

Movie Review – Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim

When you go to see this movie be sure to get the big bag of popcorn. That usually gets you a free refill. This is a 1 and 1/2 bag of popcorn movie.

Pacific Rim is very, very good — a modern update on the Godzilla theme but with an Independence Day plot.

It is worth seeing probably two or three times.

Some folks may want to compare Pacific Rim with the Transformers movies. There are indeed some similarities but I know plenty of folks that dislike Transformers and really, really like this movie. I like them both but believe that with time that Pacific Rim will become a classic.