Trying to get to Heaven — David Bowie

This is perhaps one of the best David Bowie songs that I’ve ever heard … recorded in 1998, but never released. Written¬†by Dylan.

While out at school in California, I got to see David Bowie at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was 1976. Got my tickets from the Army MWR Center. 8th row from the stage! Whether luck or whatnot, what great seats. I don’t remember the cost of the tickets, but didn’t have a lot of money back then. Was just an E-3/Private First Class. Whatever I paid was a pittance … so my luck, or David Bowie’s generosity to the military, was much appreciated.

Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (Dylan): this song was featured only on a promotional CD for an upcoming album ‘Hours’¬†… but did not make it to the final album. The track was released online by a Catalan radio station.

It appears that back in 1998, Dylan had just released the song on his own new album. Bowie loved it and recorded it. Whatever Bowie’s intent with the song was, at least we got to hear it.

A strange but thematically related song is Bowie’s ‘Death’ from a few years earlier, 1995.

Listen to these songs several times and it makes you feel too damned introspective. So let’s remember David Bowie for the ever changing creative creature that he was … from his very beginning.

BTW — Am feeling healthy and just plain super. These songs are just songs. Nothing more.

Silly Chinese-Korean Pop Song takes Chinese and World Music Market by storm … and it is indeed silly

This song ‘Little Apple’ in English was constantly in the Chinese Top 10 since June of 2014.

Video is by the Chopsticks Brothers, who wrote the song as part of a soundtrack for a Chinese movie. This little ditty is a very catchy tune but the bizarreness of the music video has created a fanbase worldwide. MANY versions of this song with their own tribute videos and interpretations can now be found on Youtube.

Yes, I admit it. I like offtrack things which often verge on ‘OMG crazy!’ Life is too short to go with only what you know.

How popular is the song? ‘Little Apple’ even won at the American Music Awards … and the Chinese Army created its own version in July 2014 to use for recruiting; its video showed soldiers dancing and … view the video for yourself below.

You can find MANY other interesting versions of ‘Little Apple’ online.

Life’s Challenges … met with a song

Dear Friday,

Am thankful for all the things that I’ve been challenged with. Have seen several 3, 5 and 7 day challenges going round. Thank you for including me. Am not good at schedules (best intent!) so let me combine all the challenges together: I am thankful for just about everything in my life. Things happen. I survive and thrive. Bad leads to good … somehow. It is what you make it. When in doubt: grab a clipboard, put on a smile, act like you own the world and you will … at least where you are standing. Life happens. I love a challenge. Bring it on.

Many thanks to Connie Moser for sharing the video above with me. Connie is my ‘Lil Sis’ … some family you are born with and some you get to choose!