ACA / ObamaCare and employers that dump employees … Bill Golden sez: NOT always a bad thing

ACA / ObamaCare and employers that dump employees … NOT always a bad thing

Bill Golden, CEO of and has some thoughts:

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about who is covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare.

The ACA rule for whether you need to buy coverage is simple: if you have ANY FORM of insurance then you are already covered. There is no need to do anything new or different. ANY FORM means Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, private insurance, whatever.

About Employers Dumping Employees

There are two categories of employers dumping their own coverage plans:

Too Bad, So Sad Dumpers: dumping their insurance plans and telling their employees to depend upon Obamacare. No extra money provided. While some employers have been getting in the news for doing this, it would seem per the evidence (this info is collected each month as part of the payroll process reported to state agencies) that this is not a significant trend. Significant meaning more than a 1-2% increase over prior years when employers just dumped employees and they were left with absolutely no options other than public assistance.

In many cases these dumped employees can get ACA coverage cheaper than what they paid out of their paycheck for employer-provided coverage … and they have more choices and options now. This could end up putting more money in their pockets plus have the freedom to leave their employers once they find a better job, without the need to worry about their healthcare coverage.

The Good Guy Dumpers: An unintended consequence of Obamacare is that it may well indeed be cheaper than what many employers can negotiate on their own. So there are employers that are telling their employees that they will need to use ObamaCare … BUT these employers are covering the costs of the plan and sometimes even kicking in a little extra to help with the copays. This is actually a very good thing. Sometimes you can improve the bottom line while also doing good for your workers at the same time. A more financially secure employer means greater chances for longterm collection of paychecks.

While neither of these employers may have intent to do so, these employers are essentially making the argument that healthcare coverage should indeed be universal, portable and not tied to any condition of employment. They are making the case for programs like the ACA as being needed for the modern workforce to thrive and to survive … whether they meant to send this message or not.

Best regards,
William ‘Bill’ Golden

Obamacare and the Great Shutdown of 2013

Obamacare and the Great Shutdown of 2013

In 2008 I voted for McCain for president. I was still a Republican.

Obamacare may be a poorly written law but it is something that was needed.

The GOP had a chance to make it a good or better law. During 2009 the GOP introduced 169 accepted amendments to the law while it was in committee. Yet when it came time to refine and to sell the law the GOP walked away without a single vote for it. Obamacare is a bad law courtesy of the GOP. Govern or get out.

In 2012 I voted Obama. Not out of love for Obama or the Democratic Party but because of the silliness constantly put forth by the GOP. Most of my other 2012 choices in 2012 were still Republican despite my vote for Obama.

2013 – Am completely soured on Republicans but will still vote for one or two in the upcoming Virginia election.

2014 – Am hoping that some sanity returns to the GOP … but if not I will be in good company pinching my nose and voting for that other party. And if craziness still seems to have the GOP in its grasp then I will just vote straight Democratic and hope that a GOP made up of thinking fiscal conservatives one day rises from the ashes.