LIFE / Karma / Potatoes

LIFE / Karma / Potatoes

“If dreams were thunder
And lightning was desire
This old house would’ve burned down
A long time ago”

Yep…. yep … yep! Kinda like that on some days.

Although I’m not complaining. Life is good … I would just like to find the damned rewind button so I could do all the good parts again … which is about 99.9% of my life so far.

>>> I like my life so far and so well that I’m sure that when I get to heaven that St. Peter is going to permanently put me on ‘peeling potatoes’ in the kitchen because I done got good.

>>>>>> And if I should end in hell, I’m sure that Sammy Satan will put me on the ‘Baked Potatoes’ prep team … because I done got good.

Not that I’m greedy or anything but am sure hoping that both karma and reincarnation, as described on the Internet, sure is real because I hear that if you’re good now then it only gets gooder later … or better for you grammar Nazis.