Prayer – no permission needed

A good friend wrote over the weekend and asked if they could pray for me.

Yes, I welcome all prayers and best wishes … even though I personally pray to ‘To whom it may concern’. We Unitarians are open-minded about getting assistance along life’s travels.

I do pray. For me it is not usually about ‘why’ or ‘how’ but ‘what’. With life being challenging, what should I do with my life at this point? What do I do to make it worthy more today than yesterday?

Along the way, God or Gaia or someone has usually answered: it is what it is. Make your choices. Life is eternal. It just changes state with time. Tomorrow comes or it doesn’t. What are you going to do with today?

Thank you,
Bill G.

When I pray …

I pray daily, sometimes numerous times per day.

Dear To Whom It May Concern (Yes, yes I do!),

I’m not sure that you exist, but no reason you shouldn’t. No reason I should either.

Got a moment? Would like just a minute of your time. Could I ask …

Thanks and I believe in you. Although I do have some issues with other people that also believe in you.