ABBA – The Visitors (B-POP Numb & Frozen Dance Remix)

ABBA became part of my DNA at some point in the distant past. Voulez-vous hooked me … but perhaps my favorite ABBA album was their very last.

After all the great pop hits, ABBA gave us The Visitors. It was a rather dark album in many ways that matched my life at that moment. I was busy trying to keep a marriage together while travelling around the world doing stuff. People were mad at us. We had introduced the neutron bomb into Europe (only in the UK really), and then there was the Polish Crisis and I didn’t speak Polish, just Czech — which oddly seemed close enough for government work (Polish sounds like gibberish to be me and my brain could never sort it all out), and Russian leaders were dying faster than the KGB could find replacements. At the very least I was fortunate and blessed to be in a very special little military intelligence unit in Augsburg, Germany with the world’s best group of people that ever did ‘stuff’  (the 326th ASA Company) … although I also thought that about the 307th ASA and my time in the FCAC … and I was rather fond of my time in the 750th ASA in Japan … and then … anyway, ABBA had a song playing the entire time.


ABBA: ‘Soldiers write the songs and soldiers sing the songs that you and I don’t sing. They blog their horns and march along’.

I did sing the songs that soldiers sing. And I loved it! Would do it all over again … on most days.