Wierd Dreams – 2012.11.15 – Dearest Rhianna

Just woke from one of the most involved strange dreams ever … and two real winners of dreams visited me last night.

The one that woke me: Rhianna the popular singer was a Russian pop singer and I was the emcee for one of her concerts. Her very jealous boyfriend was there and watching over me closely. There were some songs that I cosang with her. During the dream I fell asleep and I awoke to find that she was having a picnic with the audience down on the auditorium floor.

Once fully awake (but still really asleep and dreaming) I rejoined her at the picnic. She had changed into a nice lumpy sweatshirt. Rhianna asked if I was fully awake and what would I like to do next … so I proposed that we dance … so we did … we waltzed through the auditorium with music blasting, she in her nice lumpy sweatshirt and I haven’t a clue what I was wearing. By the time we finished waltzing she had curlers in her hair. The sight of Rhianna in curlers was the moment that I awoke.


My prior dream was just as different. I dreamed that I was back in the Army.

We were in an inner city and our unit was in the wreckage of a large shopping mall. There was another unit with us, a Russian military unit.

We appear to have been working together … but whatever war or battle we were in (which was not part of the dream) appears to have been a lost cause. Our two units bivouacked just outside a former book store within the mall. There were piles of new shiny covered books, and all were in Russian. The Russians and I went through the books, one stack was a recent best seller and we distributed them all to the troops.

Then the order came to evacuate. The Russians were staying put. Our own unit was busy going through all of our equipment and discarding anything which we couldn’t carry. As our unit worked its way down from the rooftop of the mall we came under fire from somewhere outside the mall. I was hit but not down. I awoke from the dream and it was 2:20am in the morning … I couldn’t go back to sleep so I watched several episodes of Harry Dresden on Netflix and finally nodded off again around 4am … then Rhinanna came to visit me.


Am not sure why but the Russian language and Russians seem to be a prominent part of my dreams as of late.