Rural Crescent – Does it have a viable future?

Rural Crescent

Went to a meeting about the Rural Crescent last evening. Was an education. Got to hear differing views: farm families that are unhappy with current policy (it severely depresses their worth if they should sell), current policy is supposed to prop up farming but does just the opposite, and PWC Gov has no staff member responsible for agricultural issues. There are numerous environmental issues and there are many tools (fiscal strategies) that PWC should probably be using but isn’t — but other counties are and are reporting general success.

2013 PWC rural crescent study

Throughout the discussions, the future of Woodbridge kept popping up. It seems that economic and neighborhood development of Woodbridge needs to be an essential component of keeping the Rural Crescent rural as PWC adds 100,000 new residents over the next 10 years. If we do not develop, or over develop the Rural Crescent, then all of these new PWC citizens need somewhere to live and to work. Woodbridge seems to be the right location due to transportation connectivity, its appropriateness for redevelopment (no longer a commercial hub; lots of developed idle space that can be redeveloped), and its proximity to jobs (not in our county, so access to transportation is essential).

It is complicated. Lots to learn and to think about.

Am adding ‘Rural Crescent’ to my Top 10 list of things to learn more about when it comes to PWC.

— Bill Golden