The meaning of life … pondering

Meaning of LifeA friend was having a talk with their kids and the question of what’s the meaning of life came up. The kids (teens and young adults) wanted to know. Awkward silence. Sputter. It is …

Anyway, here is my two cents worth: Meaning and purpose are not the same.

‘Meaning’ is meaningless without realizing that it is something we do not choose. We are chosen. Our parents chose to bring us into the world, notwithstanding the fact that not all things are well planned. We are a continuation of the past with hopefully the intent to look to the future. Our meaning is to continue the human reach to the future … and along the way to find our purpose.

It has been said that there can be no meaning without love. I’m not sure that love has anything to do with it. Love helps. Love nurtures. Love is craved. Love does many things … but pragmatically: love just makes our day better although the day that we live life within will happen with or without love.

‘Purpose’ is something that we choose, or don’t … in which case we usually spend time pondering the meaning of life. Add in love and mentoring and usually finding our purpose becomes easier and occurs sooner.

Bill Golden

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