2 thoughts on “Too Wierd to Live, Too Rare to Die [OFFICIAL VIDEO]”

  1. Hope all went well. So-what now? Home when? Chemo when? Anything I can do?



    1. This surgery must heal before chemo so maybe 3-4 weeks from now.

      They are now talking radiation sometime in the coming week since I have had cancer in almost the same exact spot twice. This cancer too has been declared ‘clean’, with no indication of cancer post-operation.

      My ENT surgeon was the same as in 2011. Post-surgery Yoko asked what her thoughts were on my cancer long-term. The surgeon said that if we want answers then we will have to go in search of them — they have none. Their plan is to treat me each time with general application of ‘this is cancer’ guidelines. We know that there are few answers via research … in some ways it is good to hear a doctor just say ‘we do not know’ rather than give a song and a dance show like some have.

      Am home as of today but back in the hospital on Friday and Monday for followup and such.

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